The Health Situation in St. Barthélemy

Anyone arriving to St. Barts will be asked to follow an ethical engagement to self-isolate from persons outside of its known inner-circle for a period of 7 days.

Additionally, all travelers shall be:

• Required to produce a negative RT-PCR test of less than 72h, including children over 11 years old

• Required to test again on the 7th day


The island of St. Barthélemy continues so far to resist the effects of the global pandemic: “We are not facing an epidemic situation,” explains Nils Dufau, president of the Tourism Committee of St. Barthélemy.

While the requirements for entering the island could evolve  by April, the Collectivité de St. Barthélemy, since the beginning, has done everything it possibly could to seriously limit the propagation of the virus.

The island reacted rather rapidly in getting state-of-the-art equipment for easy, rapid testing: “We were in the forefront in terms of the measures we instituted,” adds Nils Dufau. “We were the first in the Caribbean to have such a sophisticated testing machine, which is especially efficient with results that are 90% to 94% reliable.”