Bella Mente Makes A Comeback!

After a year’s long pause, Bella Mente, “Beautiful Spirit” in Italian, the fabulous Maxi 72 belonging to American businessman Hap Fauth, made its return to racing in September…

…and has already annonced its participation in the next edition of Les Voiles de St. Barth Richard Mille.

This “comeback” has already been celebrated by a terrific victory in the Queen’s Cup on September 27, and a well-merited third place in the New York Yacht Club’s Race Week organized in Newport. These two events allowed the 22-member crew to get back in practice and test the new keel on the boat.

The last time Bella Mente participated in Les Voiles dates from 2017… which means the return of this Maxi 72 to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean is awaited with great impatience!